Things I learned as a recruiter

Lessons learned in recruiting

After several years in marketing, I decided to make a risky, yet exciting (at the time), career move into recruiting. The bold move was triggered by fear of becoming content in my previous role, the need for a new challenge, and the temptation of making money quickly (so I can save, and travel.)

After doing this job for about two weeks, I realized how broken the recruiting industry is. The fact that recruiters are 100% commission based causes them to have alterior motives when working with candidates and companies. After all, their commission is what puts food on the table.

So, here’s what happens. As a company, you typically don’t want to work with outside recruiters (please, find me a company that loves working with external recruiters. There aren’t many, but they definitely exist if they have interacted with a good recruiter, which are few and far between.) The negative connotation comes from the high fees associated with using recruiters. They usually charge 20-30% of an employee’s first year’s salary. Not to mention, contingency recruiters rely on quantity over quality. They blast candidate’s resumes to companies in large volumes, causing hiring managers or HR employees to still have to sort through hundreds of resumes in order to find the right candidates.

As a candidate, you can guarantee that those same recruiters that are promising to find you the perfect opportunity are blasting your resume to companies without your consent. If a company “bites” on your resume, then that recruiter will do their very best to pitch that job to you in a way that aligns with the things you’ve said are interesting to you. You want to work in a company that has a great culture? They’ll pitch it to you that way.

Not everyone is cut out to be a recruiter. I definitely wasn’t. And, I’m sure that there are recruiters out there that truly care about helping people. But, at the end of the day, if they are 100% commission based, they’ll put themselves before your interests.


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