A Meaty Experience at Sala de Despiece, Madrid

sala-de-despiece Madrid

I knew I was made for a big city. I am absolutely in love with Madrid. The people, the language, the culture, but most of all… the food.  I could eat at traditional Spanish tapas bars every day. Interestingly enough, the best ones can be identified by two things: A) The floors are covered in napkins […]

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Spanish Shenanigans, Nonsense & More

Segovia Suckling Pig

Moving to a new country can be pretty mind blowing. Every day I see or experience something new, awkward, weird, or funny. Here’s a compilation of some of the weird, funny, or awkward things that I have seen (or done.) Each video is only about 15 secs. Enjoy! Helmet-wearing, running men. Hilarious! Out of nowhere, you […]

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