Last day of work – reflections

once you go tech you never go back

Today was my last day at work. What a weird feeling it is to realize that the progress you made, projects you worked on, and mission and vision you’ve been behind is no longer part of your everyday life. I know a lot of you don’t feel sorry for me, since I’m moving to Spain and all, but I can’t help the bittersweet feeling trigger an emotion of bummed-ness (yes, I just made it word.)

Although I was only at Talentpair for a few months before deciding to take the plunge and leave the country, I’m beyond grateful to have had the experience. It was life changing! It’s not every day that you meet a group of extremely intelligent, highly motivated, kind people. Working with this team has exposed me to startup culture, different business models, and the wonderful world of technology. More interestingly, machine learning/data science, how front end/backend/data science/UX/product all work together. It’s been really fun working with this team, and at this point in time, I don’t see myself ever going to a non-tech job again.

Once you go tech, you never go back.

In conclusion, I didn’t know what the heck a neural net is before working at Talentpair. Now, I am in a much better place to be involved in conversations about AI and machine learning without being completely blindsided.

Thanks, Talentpair team, for being awesome. It’s been a pleasure meeting each and every one of you!


I will never forget Nyan Cat. Probably the best thing that ever happened on the interwebs.

“Is that a cat wearing a pop tart?”


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  1. Scrum and data-science brainstorming isn’t the same without you! But it’s awesome to see that you’re “living the dream.” Buen Viaje!

    Thought you and your readers might like this Mario-playing neural net. It even has a live view of the “brain” with only 8 neurons at the top of the screen: