Adventures in Portland

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Ohhh, Portland. The city famous for it’s breweries, coffee, and notorious for it’s strip clubs and hipsters. Everything I knew of Portland prior to visiting turned out to be true.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the city was filled with delicious coffee, beers, and hipsters. I’ve never drank more coffee or seen more bearded, flanneled, tattooed men in my life. What a dream.

At the same time, I was also surprised to find how politically charged this city was. It was a drastic change from good ole’ Boise, Idaho, where talks of the political campaign were a hot topic in most conversations, but didn’t dominate every single conversation. I should have prefaced that my first ‘real’ visit to Portland was right after the election, therefore it’s understandable that Trump hate-speech littered the streets almost as much as the homeless people.

Politics aside, Portland quite literally blew me away. Yes, there was a bit of a gusty wind while I visited, but the city made up for it with it’s hundreds of amazing restaurants to try out.

I hate saying “I’m a big foodie”, because after all, who isn’t? But I was beside myself after going to some of the critically-acclaimed restaurants in the city. Here are my faves, for anyone who cares.

  • Kachka – this one brought me back to my roots. If you don’t understand or care about Eastern European culture, I don’t see you enjoying this quite as much as I did. This is the only place where you order a beer and it comes with a shot of vodka. It was reasonably priced, especially if you went during happy hour.
  • Olympic Provisions – if you love meat and cheese, go here. Tons of small plates and interesting dishes.
  • Ox – this one had by far, the best food. On the expensive side. It’s best known for the Bone Marrow soup (it might have a different name, but you’ll know it when you see it.) It’s seriously the best soup I have EVER had in my entire life.

Wayyy too many more to list, but there’s a good starting point for you.

Also, while in Oregon, it’s imperative you get out of the city and into wine country. I visited a good friend in Eugene, Oregon, over the weekend. After a short drive into the hills nearby, I realized that I was in wine country. Doesn’t get any better than that! We ended up doing some wine tasting at multiple notable wineries. My favorite was King Estate Winery. Views for days.

Last, but not least, take a hike. I think everyone’s heard of Multonomah Falls, but if you haven’t actually been to the TOP top, head up there. It’s totally worth the hike and the view is absolutely priceless.


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