Slack on, Madrid Expats!

Madrid Expats Slack Group

Through my continued research on Madrid, I’ve found that there isn’t a Slack group for Madrid expats. Mind. Blown. If you haven’t heard of or used Slack… It’s the best collaboration/messaging tool ever. It’s a great way to chat, share files and information, and more. It also has hundreds of integrations/tools to make your life easier. Slack […]

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Pre-move realizations: tgif? tgi-any day

Since buying my one way ticket to Spain, I’ve been on my computer a lot. Between trying to understand the ins and outs of living abroad while starting a business has required a lot of screen time. The tricky part is that I cancelled my home internet. That means my copious amounts of Google searches are […]

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Well that bums me out

Some background. My most recent blog post is about taking a leap of faith by moving to Spain and pursuing dreams. That post was difficult to write. It made me reflect a lot on my emotional state during and after my father’s death, along with the sadness of leaving the country, yet the excitement to go try something that scares the sh*t […]

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