Travel Troubles & More

travel troubles

After some final chores around the house and coffee with close friends this morning, Boise was now in hindsight. We arrive at the Boise airport at 11:30am, our flight leaving at 2:10. Plenty of time.

I check in, everything goes well. My sister tries to check in… no dice. She’s traveling with something called a travel document, which is essentially a temporary passport. Not a lot of people see these around, turns out.T he first agent was saying that the document might not work… or Mina might need a visa to get into Spain… Hard swallow… Luckily, she ended up passing us off to her more knowledgable colleague. Now this agent clearly knew what she was doing, so the concerned look on her face while on the phone with the “international coordinator” at the Department of Homeland Security, made us both die a little bit inside. We both played it super cool, but our palms were sweating and we realized that Mina may not be able to leave with me.

The woman hangs up the phone after the conversation seemed to drag on for hours, although it was probably just two minutes. She doesn’t say a word.

She looks my sister dead in the face.

And then…

Sticks out her tongue.

The three of us bust out laughing. Jennifer, the agent, knew that we were both freaking out, and I think she even had a scare. (If an agent incorrectly lets someone board a plane without proper documentation, they can be fined $10,000.)

Phew, what a relief.

We board our flight from Boise to Denver. I go to put the rolled up piece of artwork in the overhead bin, swinging it around without even thinking. I ended up whacking a poor purple-haired woman right in the noggin. HARD. Ouch!

While on the plane from Boise to Denver, I look at our next arrival and departure. The ticket reads… Arrive in Frankfurt at 11:30am, depart at 1:00pm. a FOURTEEN hour layover?! I messed up big time. So, for hours and hours, my sister think that we are going to have to hang out in the Frankfurt airport until we can get on the standby list for an earlier flight. We even talked to two agents that advised us to do so.

While on the flight from Denver to Frankfurt, about 4 hours in, I look at the tickets again and just start laughing, hysterically at this point. 11:30am and 1:00pm. That’s not fourteen hours. That’s 1 1/2 hours.

Phew, what a relief. Again.

The Lufthansa flight was actually amazing. Those Germans know how to run a tight ship! Every few minutes they were walking by with complimentary snacks, drinks and we were served dinner and breakfast. At one point, the flight attendant walked around, waving two bottles of red wine for anyone who wanted a night cap. The best part was after dinner, a flight attendant looks down and asks me in the sweetest little German accent, “Bailey’s?” I thought I was dreaming. She says it again. “Bailey’s?” Um, yes please.

After our short layover in Frankfurt, we boarded and will be touching down in Madrid in 45 minutes. More to come!


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