Taking flight: one week out

taking flight one week out

WHAT a whirlwind. Here’s what has happened in the last two weeks or so…

Evicted tenants from my house February 6th. Two of the four people living there were not on the lease… Not to mention, they had two cats and one large dog living there, in addition to the original two tenants and their two dogs. Combined, TEN animals and people were living there. You can imagine the smell. #Landlordproblems

I decided, with the help of my lovely friend Jan, who is a realtor, and my mom, who is also a realtor, that I would sell the house. Getting a house prepped for sale is a lot of frikking work!

I also had to pack up my entire apartment and move out by today. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my sister and some close friends. It is so nice to have people that you can rely on.

Needless to say, my last week was filled with plenty of scrubbing, painting, and cussing. Between seven Home Depot runs, one flat tire, and four finger dents… I’ve been able to stay distracted from reality.

Well, today, as I walked out of my beloved White Savage apartment, it hit me. I leave in ONE week.

I still don’t speak Spanish, still don’t have a job, and still have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

But, there’s no turning back. I saw a quote from Nelson Mandela today, which seems to appear at the perfect time:

it's always impossible nelson mandela


Well, it’s done. And this move has made me realize how much I don’t need to actually make it happen. All I’ve needed is courage, and actually I acted very impulsively when I bought that ticket. Sometimes, you just have to pull the trigger.

This packing, moving, eliminating has all been metaphoric in a way. I’m shedding this layer of my life and starting fresh. Not only is it a new chapter, but it’s also getting me back to the basics. While packing, I realized how much crap I have accumulated over the years. Things I don’t need. It felt great to purge, but it was also frustrating. I realized how much money I’ve thrown away on random materialistic crap. Shoes, jewelry, makeup, clothes, more clothes. For what?

And now, I have to decide what stays and what goes. My life is now in boxes… and from those, I have to decide what to take in two suitcases. What would you take? What really matters? What can we not live without? All questions that are lingering still. We’ll find out soon enough…


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  1. I love you and am so proud of you! I am so happy that you are going on this journey for you alone and in the process you will grow and learn so much with the experience. You will be missed bestie, but I can’t wait to visit!