Adventures in Budapest, Hungary

fishermans bastion buda

For the first time in six months, I’m ready to slow down with the travels. After my experiences in Bulgaria, I realized that I spread myself a little too thin. From visiting old family members, meeting family I didn’t know existed, going to a funeral, reconnecting with my parent’s friends, seeing my sisters old friends, […]

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Adventures in the Motherland: Part One

Bulgaria mountains

A few days ago, I arrived in Bulgaria with part of “La Familia.” La Familia is comprised of five stooges. Stooge number one: Ianko, the owner of a Bulgarian restaurant across the street from where I live. Stooge two: Amanda from Brazil, who lives in the same building as me. Stooges three and four are […]

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Adventures in Valbuena de Duero, Spain

Valbuena de Duero wine region

Last week, my mom and I visited a blog-worthy paradise in northern Spain. She had heard from a friend about an amazing 12th century monastery turned hotel, winery and spa… Riiiight up my mom’s alley. We ended up talking to a friend who has lived in Spain for several years, who, out of curiosity, had researched the area after […]

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