Adventures in Valbuena de Duero, Spain

Valbuena de Duero wine region

Last week, my mom and I visited a blog-worthy paradise in northern Spain. She had heard from a friend about an amazing 12th century monastery turned hotel, winery and spa… Riiiight up my mom’s alley. We ended up talking to a friend who has lived in Spain for several years, who, out of curiosity, had researched the area after […]

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My Impressions of Spanish Men

Spanish men

Many of my friends are wondering what the dating scene is like in Spain. I’ve been here a little bit over a month now, and have a few conclusions I’ve drawn about the men of Madrid. Overall observations: The fitness/bodybuilding lifestyle isn’t prevalent here. People love to party! Sometimes they work out. At the end of […]

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Father’s Day in Madrid & Wishes for Wifi

more madrid street art

As it turns out, today is Father’s Day in Spain. I heard that most establishments would be closed, but it’s quite the contrary. Families are out and about, soaking up the sunshine. It’s only 75 degrees here, but it feels like 85 to me. That makes me slightly nervous, considering the temperatures in Boise/Madrid don’t […]

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Senioritas in Segovia & Death Sweats

Alc¨¢zar de Segovia (Segovia Castle), Spain

Segovia, a place you read about only in fairytales or see in movies. In fact, the castle in Segovia is also known as the Disney castle (Alcazar Castle.) Segovia is a small city, dating back to 75BC, where you can find a 3,000 year old aqueduct, small charming streets, and Segovians who are known for […]

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Travel Troubles & More

travel troubles

After some final chores around the house and coffee with close friends this morning, Boise was now in hindsight. We arrive at the Boise airport at 11:30am, our flight leaving at 2:10. Plenty of time. I check in, everything goes well. My sister tries to check in… no dice. She’s traveling with something called a […]

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