Adventures in Valbuena de Duero, Spain

Valbuena de Duero wine region

Last week, my mom and I visited a blog-worthy paradise in northern Spain. She had heard from a friend about an amazing 12th century monastery turned hotel, winery and spa… Riiiight up my mom’s alley. We ended up talking to a friend who has lived in Spain for several years, who, out of curiosity, had researched the area after […]

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Senioritas in Segovia & Death Sweats

Alc¨¢zar de Segovia (Segovia Castle), Spain

Segovia, a place you read about only in fairytales or see in movies. In fact, the castle in Segovia is also known as the Disney castle (Alcazar Castle.) Segovia is a small city, dating back to 75BC, where you can find a 3,000 year old aqueduct, small charming streets, and Segovians who are known for […]

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