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Vacation Key West website

Recently I was hired by a vacation planning agency in Key West, Florida, that was looking to “freshen up” their brand and online presence. They also were looking for an easy-to-edit backend (I opted for Squarespace.)

The challenge

In terms of the brand, the logo was outdated, using a muted dark color, also appearing blurry on the website. In terms of the website, the website user experience was poor. Users had to pinch and zoom to read the content, there were too many pages in the navigation making it confusing for users to understand where to go, and there was no tracking in place in order to understand which channels are driving leads.

The solution

vacation key west logo

We kept a similar layout for the logo in order to not stray too far from the existing brand. We did modernize it to be brighter, with a more clear layout, and used a font that symbolizes playfulness/vacation mode.

Vacation Key West website before and after

The new website was built in Squarespace. The entire experience is much more simplified, with clear calls to action, and a much sleeker user experience (no more pinching and zooming!)

Check out the website here >


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