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Olsen wordpress theme website development

The website you see here was created by yours truly. I created this site to continue building my WordPress website skills and also to learn more about integrations like Mailchimp & social. Lastly, the main reason I created the blog is so that I would be held accountable to keep writing and honing those skills in as well. Hope you’re enjoying it so far!

In order to get this baby live, I had to do the following:

  • Domain/hosting setup
  • WordPress theme installation
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Instagram feed integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • RSS to Mailchimp campaign setup to provide subscribers with weekly updates
  • Copywriting/blogging
  • Logo development

I built this site using Olsen Theme (pro version) and would recommend it to anyone that wants to develop a blog. There was certainly a learning curve using this new theme, but once you understand where everything is, it’s fairly simple to navigate and customize.

For anyone building a WP site using Olsen:

  • You’ll most likely run into this issue. Hopefully I can help someone else troubleshoot the same issue I’ve encountered.
  • I dug around the internet for a LONG time trying to find this answer. I’m currently using the Pro Olsen WordPress Theme.
  • Anytime I set the posts to show more than one on the homepage (or any category page), having more than one post would cover the footer. So I had to only show one post and use pagination to navigate to other posts. It worked, but wasn’t ideal.
  • Turns out that the footer should be relative to the content, but something wasn’t quite right.
  • Found the solution. All I had to do was download a custom CSS plugin. That allows you to add custom CSS without screwing with the theme editor or your css sheets.
  • I downloaded¬†this plugin, activated it, and copied and pasted this code:
  • #site-content > .row > div { height: auto !important; }
  • It fixed things right up! Now the footer is relative to the content.


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