My “moving to Spain” checklist

moving to spain checklist

It’s really hard to outline exactly what you need before moving out of the country as it will vary for everyone. The following things are what occupied my mind and what I’ve learned about each. I’m sure there will be plenty more! Finding work… I applied for jobs for over a year before I finally decided […]

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Furniture Website Design & Logo Development

furniture website design

A custom furniture company needed a website created. This included everything from copywriting and product images to domain/hosting set up and website development. Their logo was also outdated. I rebuilt the logo entirely but kept a similar look/feel to evolve the logo into a more modernized version of the previous. Requirements for the website: Needs […]

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Last day of work – reflections

once you go tech you never go back

Today was my last day at work. What a weird feeling it is to realize that the progress you made, projects you worked on, and mission and vision you’ve been behind is no longer part of your everyday life. I know a lot of you don’t feel sorry for me, since I’m moving to Spain and all, but […]

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I’m such a hypocrite #humbled

you have to expect things of yourself

My career thus far has been in marketing. It’s been my job to ask questions like “What problem are we solving? Who exactly are we solving it for? Why are we better than competitors?” Most importantly, “Why should anyone give a sh*t?” That last one, many people don’t even ask, because it’s a difficult question […]

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Slack on, Madrid Expats!

Madrid Expats Slack Group

Through my continued research on Madrid, I’ve found that there isn’t a Slack group for Madrid expats. Mind. Blown. If you haven’t heard of or used Slack… It’s the best collaboration/messaging tool ever. It’s a great way to chat, share files and information, and more. It also has hundreds of integrations/tools to make your life easier. Slack […]

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Pre-move realizations: tgif? tgi-any day

Since buying my one way ticket to Spain, I’ve been on my computer a lot. Between trying to understand the ins and outs of living abroad while starting a business has required a lot of screen time. The tricky part is that I cancelled my home internet. That means my copious amounts of Google searches are […]

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