Madrid Snow & A Twinge of Homesickness

Madrid Snow

Today, to my surprise, today it snowed in Madrid. Although Boise is now experiencing early spring, when I left, it was right after a recent snowfall. And I heard that it never snows in Madrid… so, to wake up to snow today was somehow a pleasant surprise.

Madrid snow records
See, no snow in March. I must have brought it with me.


I’ve been here almost a month, and had just now started to feel slightly homesick over the last week or so. It’s hard not having close friends yet. And it’s even harder to make friends quickly with the language barrier. The people that I do meet who happen to speak English are mostly Americans, here for business or travel. Temporary. Needless to say, I miss my friends and family. Luckily I talk to my family almost everyday, so it doesn’t seem like too much has changed (other than the fact that we’re separated by 3,000 miles.)

Luckily, I still have a feeling of “home” here in Madrid. I was taken in like a stray dog by my mother’s best friend a Bulgarian woman. For now, I live right across the street from a Bulgarian restaurant, where I’ve made a close friend. He feeds me kebabcheta, gives me homemade rakia (brandy) and teaches me bad words in Spanish. These new Bulgarian beginnings bring me closer to my roots, improve my Bulgarian, and remind me of where I come from. I love that I’m rediscovering my heritage… but I know also that I have to focus on soaking up the Spanish culture, primarily the language.


Like someone once told me, the obstacle is the way. So rather than throwing a pity party… I’ll find a way around the roadblock. Wish me luck at my first language exchange meetup tonight! 🙂



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