Leaving Idahood: Packing Light

kipling backpacks

Well, we’re on board, en route to Denver! Sis and I loaded up my two suitcases last night and headed back to Boise around 10 last night. Stayed at my house (which I decided not to sell, btw) one last time. We rolled out a piece of memory foam and passed out like drunk bums; a direct result of taking a cup full of what we thought was Emergen-C…. Turns out it was Emergen-Zzzzzz. Mina only looked at the flavors on the packets, not the actual contents. We OD’d on melatonin instead of vitamin C. Needless to say, we got a greeeaaat night’s sleep before the big day.

Of course, I decided to wait until the very last minute to pack my life into two suitcases. A clothing bomb dropped in my mom’s living room. Dresses, underwear and shoes were flying all over the place. Shoes were used as stocking stuffers… to save space, my mom started jamming panties into their cavities.

packing tips

My mom graciously helps us pack liquids. She’s a real pro. Knows just what to take. See scotch-filled shampoo bottles below.

Smart packing moves

After about an hour, I decide that I have what I need. My sister and I had the option to take two more carry ons, but what’s the point? I have everything I need. If I forget something, it’s not like I can’t buy it when I’m there.

With our two packs on our back, a suitcase tugging along behind us, and a rolled up print of my dad’s artwork for our friend Ellie who I’m staying with, we were ready to go.


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