A Three Day Layover in Lisbon


Back across the pond

December to March were a blur, filled with the highs and lows of travel. In those months, I worked my way through Barcelona (5 days), Iceland (3 days), New York (5 days), Idaho (2 months), Arizona (4 days), Mexico (6 days), Costa Rica (2.5 weeks), and Miami (2 days). I was so exhausted from hopping around, that I desperately wanted to get back to Madrid.

However, the final destination on the list was Lisbon. The airline that I used (TAP Portugal) offered a “3 day layover” from Miami to Madrid, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. The flight was only $211.00, with a long layover in Lisbon? I’ll take it.

Landing in Lisbon

Imagine feeling relief, excitement, exhaustion, and happiness all at the same time. I was stoked to be back in Europe, but so tired of living out of a single backpack for over one month. After getting settled at my hostel (The Lost Inn, which I highly, highly recommend if you ever go to Lisbon alone,) I ventured out to explore the city.

First of all, it’s unquestionably exquisite. It’s vivid, mosaic-encrusted buildings decorating it’s steep, windy cobblestone streets, topped with a the tram lines, a web of complexity and connection… ahhh. How charming!

It’s a small world

While at the hostel, I met some new friends – two amazing women, who are actually living in Madrid. One is a German, who has lived in Mexico, and the other is an Italian, who has lived in England. And THAT is why I love Europe (okay, one of the reasons.) I can meet people from all over the world, who have so much to share, expanding my mind and perspective, a constant reminder that the journey of experiencing and learning is a never-ending one. I almost didn’t chat these two up, but so glad I did. These ladies are like my sisters from another mister now. <3


Losing it in Lisbon

Of course, there has to be balance in the world. I made these incredible friends in Lisbon, but it was also the beginning of a long, treacherous path in another regard… My computer stopped working. No computer = no work… I took it in to get diagnosed, and was told they would have to keep it for five days. So I self-diagnosed, thinking the problem was the charger. I bought a new charger… and guess what I did with it? Left it in my pile of dirty clothes that the hostel washed. Yup, I washed a $100 charger. Really smart. The story continued much after Lisbon, but I won’t bore you with the details.

So, to drown my sorrows, I decided to go out on the town. And let’s not kid here. Sure, there is plenty to see in the Marble City, but I had only one objective: to reintroduce myself to the cuisine of the Iberian peninsula which I had so mournfully longed for while away for three months.

What I found? Lisbon’s cuisine was flat-out stunning, leaving me floored, gluttonous, and probably a kilo or two heavier.

Brain juices and dinosaur feet at Cervejaria Ramiro, the “best seafood restaurant” in Lisbon >


A Cevicheria: Make sure you’re in a private place when you read this post, because you’re about to have a food orgasm >


Lisbon stole my heart! I absolutely loved this magnificent city. So much, that I would actually consider living there. The culture isn’t much different from the Spanish, people are friendly, it’s inexpensive, and the city itself has something of a magical feel to it.

If you ever make it there, be sure to check out the restaurants listed above, as well as any of Eater’s other recommendations. You can never go wrong.

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