A Breakup Letter to London


Dear London,

You’re like the perfect man in disguise. When I first met you, it was thrilling. I had heard so much about you, that I couldn’t help but to be excited to get to know you better. Those first few moments we shared were some of our best. You showed me an incredible and unforgettable time; made me feel a spark that I haven’t felt in years. And as we spent more time together… I realized that I may be falling in love with you…

But like with most other men, as time passed… you started showing another side of you that just doesn’t bide well with me. As much as you gave me, you took. You not only took my time, you also took my money. Even though it’s a lot of fun, I simply can’t support your expensive taste anymore. Although you can’t put a price on love, I have to say that we can’t go on like this. You see, it simply won’t work between us. It was a fun fling, and I’m sure I’ll see you again.

Yours truly,


Okay, that was a bit dramatic. But in reality, London has always had a special place in my heart – we lived there for two years when I was young. It’s the place where I have my first memories with my parents. Like the memory of my dad pulling out stitches from my leg that had been sewn up a few weeks before in Bulgaria after wrestling with a bear (ok, not really, I slipped and cut my leg on glass.) Or walking down the street with him to the market, where he bought me a sparkly purple pony that I cherished for years later. Or the first time he bribed me to take out the trash in exchange for little sip of beer (don’t be shocked, I was old enough – six years old, to be exact.)

We left London when I was six, and I returned a few years ago with my mom, and finally, this year as an adult. I was excited to see the city with new eyes – experience the nightlife, make new memories; taker it all in. In the back of my mind, I thought that maybe London is a city that I could eventually move to if I wanted a change. The culture is similar to what I know, there’s no language barrier, the economy is advanced, the people are friendly… Need I continue?

The city has absolutely so much to offer, but nothing is perfect, as you know. On one side, you have garbage weather. On the other side, you have super friendly people. There are endless things to do, but at a price.

I truly enjoyed my time in London, it was a great visit. I’m just not going to commit to a long-term relationship, as tempting as it was.

Here are a few of the highlights from the trip that I would highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance to fall in love with Londontown. I was lucky enough to have a friend show me around and make my experience more authentic, so here are a few things I enjoyed about my trip; take note if you ever visit. 🙂

The London Itinerary

Let’s start with Shoreditch. First of all, twenty years ago, you wouldn’t step foot in Shoreditch. However, now, this is one of the hottest neighborhoods for young people in London.

Imagine that too-cool-for-school Portland, Boise’s Freak Alley and uber-hipster-Brooklyn had a baby – that’s Shoreditch.

It’s old, graffiti-stained bricks and cobblestone streets contribute to the grungy yet hip character. If you know where to look, or simply just keep your eyes open, you can discover awesome places that are masked as hidden nooks, like a gigantic food hall in a warehouse, or Box XYZ, a pop-up made of shipping containers; each containing restaurants, shops, or breweries. HIP AS FUUU’…

If you’re into live music and escargot, head to the Soho neighborhood and try out Cafe Boheme. I spent about two and a half hours here by myself, and it was absolutely wonderful. They have delicious French food and live music everyday. Afterwards, simply wander around Soho and take in the architecture. #adorable

A few more things for your list:

Get your art fix at the National Gallery. It’s free.

Walk along the Southbank, see the London eye from afar.

Skip Big Ben, he’s under construction until 2021.

Go shopping in Covent Garden.


Check out the Fly Emirates Line for a great (and inexpensive) view of the city.

Sundays – head to the East London Flower Market – smell the flowers and listen to the cockney!

Drink beer at the local pubs. You have ENDLESS options!

And remember…


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  1. Random comment. I love the humor and perspective in your blog. We are taking notes for a dream trip someday. Happy travels, and drink one for me! Cheers!