I’ll be home for Xmas! But first, Barcelona, Iceland, New York


Tis the season! Christmastime is always best with family and friends, so, naturally, I booked a ticket to Idaho for the holidays, but wanted to get a little more creative with the journey rather than booking a direct flight. I was able to book my ticket across the pond for less money thanks to adding some pitstops, thanks to some serious research and sleuthing.

To travel direct or take a few pit stops…

Without sleuthing:

  • One way ticket from Madrid to Boise: $800-$900

With sleuthing:

  • One way ticket with additional stops: $500

So, here is the new itinerary:

Total: $490

Of course, I am spending money on hotels/food during this period of travel for nearly two weeks, but it’s better than paying $900 just for a flight without getting the additional experiences in between.

So, I just wrapped up the first part of the trip in Barcelona today. Read about that here. Currently sitting on the airplane on my way to Iceland, which apparently gets 3 hours of sunlight per day during this month. Downside? It’s cold and dark. Upside? More chances to see the northern lights. I’ll report back.

Cheers, Roumena Kratchunova

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