Spanish Men, Part Two

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After my last post about Spanish men vs American men, it’s as though some higher being heard my calling. Great catches are crawling out of the woodwork…


Perhaps one of the main triggers here is that a Spanish friend introduced me to his group of friends to change my perceptions of Spanish men. He was successful. They were all pretty much the opposite of what I wrote, however any chance I may have had with any of these decent men has completely been demolished.

But now I ask myself, what changed? How, all of a sudden, are there gems everywhere I go?

A few theories

  1. God is punishing me for writing my last post.
  2. My preferences are changing. No more big blondies. Only lean, dark haired, deep eyed Spaniards… And maybe the tight jeans aren’t so bad after all 😉
  3. Location, location, location – if I completely avoid tourist spots, I don’t run into creeps who are just trying to take advantage of tourists.
  4. I’m out and about all day, every day, and most people I meet may be working at a coffee shop, bar, restaurant. They are more likely to be the types who live with their parents (I think…) All the professional men who don’t live with their mothers are hiding in their offices, working long hours.

This post is in part a reach for redemption, but also goes to show that perceptions change when your environment changes. I’m making more Spanish friends and spending more time in “local” places.

So I won’t delete my last post, because there are still a few things that ring true…

Timeliness: it’s not just men who are late. Spanish people tend to be on the late side. But I’m learning. Now I know that if someone tells you “we’re going to a party at 10:00” it means – show up at 10:30. If it’s a one on one meeting, people are typically on time, if you can get them to commit earlier than that day. 🙂

Style: Sorry ‘Mericans, Spaniards still beat your wardrobe choices.

Assertiveness: still more timid than Americans in my book, but I’m sure it simply depends on the person.

AND, I can happily say that I haven’t had anymore interactions with creepy old men, or guys asking me if I want to “tikki tikki takka takka” since I wrote the last post.

Stay tuned for more… I’m sure there will be updates!


Cheers, Roumena Kratchunova

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