A Weekend in El Escorial, Spain

beautiful sunset in el escorial, spain

Come with me to El Escorial A wonderful town only 40 minutes outside of Madrid, accessible by train for only four euros. That’s right, for only four euros, you can escape the big city and head to the hidden paradise of El Escorial, jam packed with years of important Spanish history, charming streets which are […]

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Literally Getting “Stuck” in Bergamo, Italy

citta alta bergamo views

Stuck in a bathroom in Bergamo Last month, on my way back to Madrid, I quite literally got stuck in Bergamo, Italy. Not only because my flight back from Milan was cancelled, but also because I quite literally got stuck in a bathroom with an old lady. Do I have your attention yet? The story […]

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Spanish Men, Part Two

dating spanish men

After my last post about Spanish men vs American men, it’s as though some higher being heard my calling. Great catches are crawling out of the woodwork…   Perhaps one of the main triggers here is that a Spanish friend introduced me to his group of friends to change my perceptions of Spanish men. He […]

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