A Day Trip to San Juan del Gaztelugatxe, Basque Country

san juan del gaztelugatxe

Only about 40 kilometers (about 30 minutes) from Bilbao, you can discover a hidden paradise. Gaztelugatxe is an island, connected to the mainland (a town called Bermeo) by a man-made wall, representing a mini-Great Wall of China. Gaztelugatxe is a Basque word, derived from the Basque gaztelu = castle, fort and gaitz = difficult, tremendous. Together, they form gaztelu gaitza (gaztelugatxe) = the craggy fort.

There’s something magical about this place. Maybe it’s simply the sound of the ocean, the smell of the salty air, paired with the view of the majestic 10th-century church built on top of a tiny island… All I can say is, wow.

san juan del gaztelugatxe

San juan del gaztelugatxe
me and my cousin in san juan del gaztelugatxe
Me and my cousin 😉
Bermeo, Basque Country
Bermeo, Basque Country
July the chihuaha
Look at those ears.
this little nugget
This little nugget.
and another san juan del gaztelugatxe
View from the restaurant.

sun setting in san juan del gaztelugatxe

me and dorina in san juan del gaztelugatxe

Cheers, Roumena Kratchunova

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