Travel Troubles & More

travel troubles

After some final chores around the house and coffee with close friends this morning, Boise was now in hindsight. We arrive at the Boise airport at 11:30am, our flight leaving at 2:10. Plenty of time. I check in, everything goes well. My sister tries to check in… no dice. She’s traveling with something called a […]

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Leaving Idahood: Packing Light

kipling backpacks

Well, we’re on board, en route to Denver! Sis and I loaded up my two suitcases last night and headed back to Boise around 10 last night. Stayed at my house (which I decided not to sell, btw) one last time. We rolled out a piece of memory foam and passed out like drunk bums; […]

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Taking flight: one week out

taking flight one week out

WHAT a whirlwind. Here’s what has happened in the last two weeks or so… Evicted tenants from my house February 6th. Two of the four people living there were not on the lease… Not to mention, they had two cats and one large dog living there, in addition to the original two tenants and their two […]

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My “moving to Spain” checklist

moving to spain checklist

It’s really hard to outline exactly what you need before moving out of the country as it will vary for everyone. The following things are what occupied my mind and what I’ve learned about each. I’m sure there will be plenty more! Finding work… I applied for jobs for over a year before I finally decided […]

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Furniture Website Design & Logo Development

furniture website design

A custom furniture company needed website development. This included everything from copywriting and product images to domain/hosting set up and development. Their logo was also outdated. I rebuilt the logo entirely but kept a similar look/feel to evolve the logo into a more modernized version of the previous. Requirements for the website: Needs to tell a […]

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Last day of work – reflections

once you go tech you never go back

Today was my last day at work. What a weird feeling it is to realize that the progress you made, projects you worked on, and mission and vision you’ve been behind is no longer part of your everyday life. I know a lot of you don’t feel sorry for me, since I’m moving to Spain and all, but […]

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